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This website is no longer associated with the Chamberlain Area Historical Preservation Association. 

Due to the lack of member and/or community participation and support, the organization was in the process of disbanding when the split between them and this website was made. As a former president and board member, I felt it was important to keep Chamberlain's history alive and available on the web. I was always responsible for the website, now I just took over the financial obligation of it.

My attempt at getting the association's items under the control of the Chamber of Commerce and put on display in the Lake Francis Case Development building were unsuccessful. Instead, possession of the items was taken over by the city and put in storage at the city garage, and will possibly never see the light of day again.

I want to keep the history alive on this website, so if you have family history and photos from Chamberlain's great past that you would like to share on the web, please forward them to one of the options below.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you have historical items/photos that your family doesn't want or you have no one to pass them onto, do not throw them away . . .
Send them home to Chamberlain, I will make a good home for them. 

Terri Fink
PO Box 617
Chamberlain, SD 57325
or emailed to
(Note: the same email address is being used because of the people that have been contacting me though it)

I'm in search of photos for some of Chamberlain's early settlers, if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
- EB Taft and family members (Taft Hotel)
- Capt. Ayres & family members (Steamboat family)
- Capt. King & family members (Steamboat family)
more to come . . .
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